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Taking you on a Journey

When I was in elementary school the therapists and teachers were convinced I was functioning at an infantile level.  It was painful to hear what they were presuming about me. I was so sad that none of them tried to give me a way to communicate with them. It was my movements and my vision problems that made any tests they conducted to determine my intellect a ridiculous joke. I am considered profoundly retarded for their purposes. It is an offensive title for any human being, let alone someone who just has a movement and speaking challenge. Can you imagine having people believe you are so ignornat that they don’t give you a chance?

I will not alway be this serious folks. Sometimes I’m very funny!

Come back soon.

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Getting My Voice

When I was nine years old, we discovered a way for me to communicate. I was unable to express any of my needs or wishes before that time. Because I am now able to communicate, my life has changed. I have been able to not only write, but paint, compose music for piano and keyboard, and tell others of my wishes and dreams for my life. Without a voice others choose for you, and they often assume you lack intellect. I was so sad about my life before I could express myself. Now everything has changed because I have a voice.

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Hello world!


I’m boldly going into my first blog! I’m ready to share my thoughts about my life and what I want others to learn about living with Rett Syndrome. This may surprise you if you have not met someone with Rett Syndrome who is able to type.  I am eager to show you that those of us who are silent are not ignorant. I wish to thank my friend Sandy for helping me get this started and encouraging me to share my thoughts with the world. So I will attempt to do that as I am able.  I’m going to post pictures with me and my horse Beau.  Please check back soon!

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