A Poem

My Spiritdances Garden


A Very Personal Story




Looking back…

I have memories of times

I heard birds singing their songs,

of children, running, laughing freely


I recall times with Beau

who stood so quietly at my side

careful not to nudge me too hard,

hugging my wheelchair with his head

soothed by his presence


Flowers, planted so carefully

by people I have never met

and friends who love so well

surround me with beauty

in solitude I find peace in this garden,

my Spiritdances Garden


I remember days when my body

was so peaceful

it reflected the stillness of my spirt

I hear the music that lifted my heart

and gave me hope


I find perspective

I find purpose in my struggle

I don’t give in to grief over a body that has limited me,

even now, when my struggle feels too much to bear

and my body betrays my hearts cry for comfort


On days that I struggle to find peace, I remember these things





July 13, 2012

My Beau

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  1. 1

    Danielle Ferrin said,

    Wow Karly – that is a beautiful poem. It makes me so thankful that you have love and beauty surrounding you just as you surround so many others with your love and beauty… even ME in VA, pulling out your CD yesterday! I miss you guys!! We’ll be back in 2 1/2 weeks! I can’t wait to give hugs to you all and add my own color & beauty to your garden. I love you guys! I’m so saddened to hear of the struggle you’re enduring… thankful you find God in those times too – you’re amazing always… Love, Danielle

  2. 2

    Maggie Brown said,

    You have a beautiful gift…being able to compose poetry like this…it spoke to my heart. Your garden is so gorgeous…I can only imagine how much you enjoy it. My husband and I have worked like beavers on our flower beds this year…and we are enjoying the fruit of our labors. God bless you….

  3. 3

    Thank you for your poem. I’m glad you have been given such a garden. It is gorgeous.

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