Karly’s Obituary

This was posted in our local paper last week.


Lois-Karly’s Mom

This is on the St Croix River, taken 3 years ago.

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    Angie said,

    Beautiful picture of Karly – sorry for you loss, when loosing a child there is a forever void in your heart that will never be filled by anything. The love you gave her and she gave you is a lifetime of memories. We lost our little boy 21yrs ago and the void is still there but he memories and love he gave us fill the spot very well. Hugs your way and will pray for strength and guidance in days to come.

  2. 2

    Ah, I am so sorry, but rejoicing that she is free of her body and with Christ.

  3. 3

    Anne said,

    I am so sorry I won’t be with you to celebrate Karly tomorrow. Please know that I think of you often and my heart is with you as you sing, pray and share memories. I am better for having known you both. Lois, I think of you often and hope your heart is finding peace.

  4. 4

    Mary Giannantonio said,

    I am so sorry for your loss. I had only recently found Karly’s blog and I just wanted to say that your daughter has given back to this world and the Rett community in ways I can not even put to words. Her honesty and dedication to sharing her life with so many others for the benefit of giving thousands of girls with Rett syndrome a voice will forever touched my life. I am deeply sorry for your loss and will miss hearing Karly’s voice through her blog but I hold, within me, the words she shared with us and will never forget her beautiful soul.

    May God keep you and comfort you as you go through this difficult time. (((HUGS))

    Mary Giannantonio

  5. 5

    Ashleigh said,

    I am in shock. I first, can’t believe a girl with Rett syndrome learned to type, and that two, she is no longer with us. I feel so much grief for this. I would have loved to have meet her. This gives me hope my daughter will communicate to me one day. When she was diagnosed a few days ago at 4.5 years old, I thought this was confirming I’d never get to know her, ever. That it is impossible for those with Rett’s to communicate. Then I found this and, and I’m so sad. I’m sorry Karly is no longer with us 😦

  6. 6

    I attended Woodland Hills from 7/2008 – 9/2009. I happened upon Greg’s sermon of Oct 5, 2008, in which he read Karly’s blog post, “The Cruel Stare” and he announced the blog address. I just found it. I am so heart impacted with the news of Karly’s passing. Sad.

    May your life continue to be blessed to be a blessing.

    Lindy Combs
    Whidbey Island, Coupeville, Washington

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