Getting My Voice

When I was nine years old, we discovered a way for me to communicate. I was unable to express any of my needs or wishes before that time. Because I am now able to communicate, my life has changed. I have been able to not only write, but paint, compose music for piano and keyboard, and tell others of my wishes and dreams for my life. Without a voice others choose for you, and they often assume you lack intellect. I was so sad about my life before I could express myself. Now everything has changed because I have a voice.


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    Sandy said,

    I am very glad that you found your voice! You have much to contribute to this world!

  2. 2

    Missy said,

    Hello neighbor! I already love your blog. It seems you have a real gift for writing and so much to say. You may have not only found your voice, you may have found your calling.


  3. 3

    Bethany Crossley said,

    Hey Chica!!! This is so moving! Thank you for letting me learn from your example and many wonderful talents and attributes. You are an inspiration to all who meet you and I admire your courage and lack of “shyness.” You tell it like it is, from the heart, and that moves people to action! Keep it up, and I know you’ll move many mountains!

  4. 4

    Ashley said,

    I think that I may have missed something. How does this work. How did you learn to communicate via typing? My daughter is 7 years old with Rett Syndrome and I would give anything and everything to give her the chance to communicate with me. Sometimes when she is upset, she looks at me with pure frustration because I cant figure out what it is that she needs or wants.

    Are their other Rett girls who can learn to do this? Why is this the first time that I have heard of this? I cant type fast enough!!! I need to know how I can accomplish this with my daughter……

    Ashley mom to Brianna 7 (RS)

  5. 5

    Diane said,

    Discovering your blog was the highlight of my week. My granddaughter, Mary Claire is 8 years old. She was diagnosed with RTT when she was
    16 months old. Her classroom teacher told me about you yesterday when we were registering Mary Claire for school. I just cannot believe that I had not heard of you before now.

    Mary Claire’s teacher would like to develop a program for Mary Claire that would allow her to communicate with you. I am anxious to see if she can make that happen. How wonderful it will be to someday know Mary Claire’s thoughts as well as her needs and wants. I know that she has a lot to say to her family and caregivers.

    Thank you for sharing your life experiences with others. We can receive so many benefits from your insight. I look forward to hearing more from you.

    May God bless you,
    Mary Claire’s grandmother

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