Pure Joy

This morning I watched God work out a miracle.  I will do my best to share some of it here.  I have talked about how amazing it is to have a voice that others can hear through my music, poetry and written words.  God worked it all together this morning into something so beautiful that it made grown men and women cry.  I wasn’t expecting my heart to feel so full of joy but it feels so full I could run around and sing!!  Since I can’t do that in my body I will try and do it with my words.  

With Steve Burk at Minnesota Teen Challenge. He was so respectful to me.

The director of Teen Challenge heard some of my story and words that were shared at our church a few weeks ago when a visiting pastor used some of my blog and story to share his message. Steve thought that my story and words would inspire the students at Teen Challenge and asked me if I could be a chapel speaker.  He gave me so much freedom to share whatever God gave to me.  He didn’t direct my words or even suggest much, so I was given a lot of freedom to listen and pray and share my story.  

I spent a few hours one day after I had prayed and wrote most of the message.  I added some more to it over the next couple of weeks.  I asked Gregg and Mom to help me make sure it was as clear as possible, but we didn’t change much of it.  Today Gregg started the talk with his inspiring words and prayer and after we played the song that I love by Matthew West called, “The Story of Your Life”, my TV interview was shown.  It’s a good way to introduce me because Maury Glover did a great job on my interview.  Then my Mom went on the stage and read my words into the microphone to about 300 people.  I sat in the front row with some dear friends who came to witness this wonderful event.  Amy and I chatted on my keyboard and I felt so close to God.  I watched how He changed hearts in that room.  

I heard the crying and the encouragement and the tears mixed with laughter.  I saw how God could use a silent young woman, unable to even care for herself, to change the hearts of people.  I give God an A for this message!!!!!  I thought it would be helpful to others, but the miracle for me was all the kindness and love and hope and encouragement that came to us afterward.  People who felt discouraged were encouraged to keep pushing and trying and believing and dreaming with God.  God knows who we are.  We are no surprise to Him.  Even our darkest thoughts are not hidden and we don’t have to worry that God would be surprised by us.  God has dreams for every person.  Those dreams are the truth, not what happens to us that causes us so much pain and disillusionment.  If I only listened to what has been thought about me because of the diagnosis of Rett Syndrome, I would not have dreamed for a bigger life.  But the one that God is working on for me is so much fuller and wiser and richer and more beautiful than anything my Mom or Gregg or I could have imagined.   The tears I heard and saw and the stories shared with us today came from the hearts of very hurt people.  Beautiful people.  People that I hope never forget the miracle that God has worked out for me by giving me a voice that others can hear through His songs and His words.  I hope I never forget how pleased I am in the this moment to be alive and working together with God to be His helper.  I feel so blessed beyond words.

My Mom, Gregg, Amy, Liz and Darren at MTC.

Love, Karly


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  1. 1

    Sandy said,

    Oh Karly,
    This is beautiful! What a wonderous experience for all of you! You post made my heart very joyful! I love the way you give God the credit, so many people forget to do that! You are a miracle!! Thank you for the inspiration!

  2. 2

    Tracy Swope said,

    Hi, Karly.
    You haven’t met me yet, I am Joe’s wife, Tracy. He told me so much about you and what a blessing you are to our family. Your strength of spirit is quite humbling. Thank you so much for sharing your God given gift.
    In His love,
    Tracy Swope

  3. 3

    Linda Saveland said,

    Such a beautiful blog, Karly. What an awesome young woman, you are! I love reading your words……and seeing your photos. I especially love the ones of you and your Beau……..and seeing your beautiful smile. I look for you every day at Boutwells while I am out looking for an “adventure” with my mom.

    Many blessings,


  4. 4

    What a great opportunity to be used of God!

  5. 5

    Lisa said,

    Hey Karly,
    I haven’t checked your blog in a while, but I was listening to your music earlier and decided to see what you’ve been up to. Wow! What a wonderful opportunity for God to use you in a powerful way! I enjoy your words so much. You’ve been such an inspiration. As a teacher, I’m blessed to have found your blog and the wonderful insight that you’ve given me as I work with children who are finding their voice. What hope I have for them! Thank you for sharing yourself with all of us. Blessings to you!

  6. 6

    maggie ann said,

    What a blessing to behold…such love and tender workings of God. Thank you for sharing this….

  7. 7

    SL Schildan said,

    Karly, Thank you so much for your testament. For everyone of us who are able bodied, you give us no room for excuses. I love you for your attitude and your willingness to share. You are a very strong your lady. Keep up the good work.

    Best wishes.


  8. 8

    Jenny Bailes said,

    Thank you so much for sharing all you do. I work with a Rett girl and enjoy sharing your blog with her. May God continue to use you.

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