A Documentary You Must See!

I just watched a movie and I could laugh with excitement, because it’s a documentary about people who have autism and communicate through typing like I do.  It’s the story of Larry and Tracy who discover that their life’s purpose is helping others understand that the shell of our bodies can cause others to think that we are not intelligent.  That our actions disguise what our minds are capable of through no fault of our own. 

I feel so happy about it because they went on a trip around the world visiting other people who have autism and also type to communicate.  The movie is called Wretches and Jabberers.  We bought it to support their work.  I’m going to watch it with my friend Elizabeth when she comes in a few days.  To say I feel inspired, is not accurate, I feel touched, to hear their story and to see how much we are alike in our desire to be valued as humans in this world. I hope that others who see this film are awakened.   I watched it with my Mom and I saw her tears. I want to say that without the support of my Mom I would be so lost.  I haven’t had many carefree days lately but I feel like my mind is returning to normal slowly. My Dr said it could take up to two weeks to have the medication stop it’s side effects. 

 The thing I feel most grateful for is my Mom’s presence and belief in me.  I saw how much the people in the documentary suffered at the hands of others when they were young and I feel so sorry for them.  I am fortunate to be where I am and today I feel glad. I hope you have a chance to watch this movie. 


Love, Karly


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    Sandy said,

    Hi Karly!
    First of all, glad to hear you are feeling better! I just ordered my copy of Wretches and Jabberers, I can’t wait to watch it! One of the things you taught me that always sticks out is to “always assume intelligence” and I thank you for that! It is a message that needs to be heard!
    Talk to you all soon!

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