True Friends

My Mom took this picture of the St Croix River

I have been at a women’s Bible Study group at a church near our house for the past few weeks and I have seen some wonderful women come into our lives.  Last week when I was having a terrible day, after we got to the study and my Mom had to leave because of me, I was so embarrassed.  The women could not have been kinder.  They were very concerned, but most of all they wanted to find out how they could become better friends to us.  They have been so thoughtful ever since. I feel so glad for them in our lives.  For people who think highly of everyone and really genuinely care enough to call and send emails and listen to our story and ask great questions.  I feel like we have found people who have great hearts and listen to the heart of God by coming into someone else’s life when it would be easier to stay away.  What we have seen is that there are still lovely women and they are here, and they are blessed just like we are when we get to share some life together.  

Yesterday was a beautiful Fall day around 60 degrees.  Our friend Laurie invited me to come riding again one more time this Fall.  So yesterday afternoon, Gregg, Mom and my Uncle Wayne and Grandpa went to Bill and Laurie’s farm and I got to ride Chester.  One of my favorite things to do on this earth is ride a horse!!   My Mom took some pictures and I think the one with the sun shining down on me is my favorite because I felt like God loved me so much.  I love days that bring that kind of joy.

Love, Karly

I felt so loved by God this day


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  1. 1

    cameron said,

    Wow. That last picture is incredible. It really looks like God opening the heavens to shine His glory down on you. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing. PS – You need to send that picture in for a prize. It really is award winning.

  2. 2

    Linda Saveland said,

    Yes indeed! An absolutely stunningly beautiful picture! Like God is shining on you to light your path, Karly!

  3. 3

    Terry Swanson said,

    Hi Carly, I love your website. I like the picture of you on Chester because I can see the smile on your face. I may be a friend you have never met, Terry Swanson

  4. 4

    Terry Swanson said,

    Karly, Sorry I spelled your name wrong! I’ll be ever so much more careful in the future. Terry

  5. 5

    Wow, great photo with the light!

  6. 6

    martha said,

    that sky makes me so happy! what a day for you, Karly! Thanks for all your posts! You do a great job and i know it demands much. Love!!

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