Seeing my Friend Susan Norwell

I was so happy to see Susan Norwell last week.  I heard from her about a new communication device that she thinks I should try.  I want to be able to have more freedom to communicate with everyone I meet.

Susan Norwell believes in me and others who struggle to communicate. She is my hero and I am so glad she came!

I am going to try the Tango to see if it will help me visit easier with people. And in my study group to respond in my own voice.

I would tell them many things if I could:

“I’m aware of your presence.”

“I hear everything you say, even when you whisper.”

“I see how you look at me.”

“You assume something about me that is not true.”

“I have a dream, do you want to know what it is?”

“You see a disabled person, I see a person who is afraid of what they could become.”

“You see a person holding their breath, I’m just trying to breath.”

“You see a person chewing on her bandana, and assume a lack of intelligence. I see that I’m helping my body calm down because it does things I can’t control. This helps me.”

I would like to help the world have more compassion.  It’s hard for those of us born with bodies that cause us so much trouble.  It’s not something we chose.  I feel compassion for those who get old and have limitations in their bodies that they cannot control.  My step-grandpa is here with us because he wants to live with family nearby and I have never really spent time with him because he lived so far away.  Now I am getting to see him as a frail, older man who has questions about who I am.  I feel glad that we can help him. But it’s hard to know that at one time, he was able to care for himself and taught many people in school and in his church, and now feels like his life is so much less because he cannot do that anymore.  I want to help him and others who see that their lives have changed so much.  I want them to know that while we are alive we have purpose and we have opportunities that only we can do. It’s not good to lose that understanding, because we all need each other!  We all need to have compassion and hope for a better world.  It starts with us giving our hearts a job to do: to see others and to see the little things we can do.

I hate it when I hear others think that the small kindnesses that we can show, don’t matter.   That unless it’s big and in front of a group, or is impressive to someone, that it doesn’t matter.  It’s not true!! It’s not true that our love and care for someone today, goes unnoticed.  I have seen how thoughtful acts, help open hearts of someone who’s locked up inside their body.  It’s important to help and hope and give.  And that’s sorely lacking sometimes.

I hope when you meet someone today, you see with your heart, that has compassion and sees how much you can do to bring light to someones heart.

Love, Karly


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  1. 1

    You blessed me today.

  2. 2

    Holly said,

    Karly, I was so glad to meet you the other day when you were walking around our building. You truly are one amazing woman! Keep writing, I can’t wait to read the next one.


  3. 3

    pinkroselady60 said,

    Hi Karly
    I love the pictures of Susan’s visit. I will be in touch next week to see how you like the Tango and if you have tried it at bible study yet. Sounds like your house is busy with your grandpa there. Our house has been busy with the flu last week so it is nice to be feeling better.
    Your friend, Ann Strom

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