My St Croix River

I sat next to this pot as I write this morning

I want to start by saying it’s been so long since I have felt good that having a great morning feels like heaven!! I was so worn out and so restless with my breathing that I haven’t felt up to writing, but now that I’m better today, I feel like I could write all day!!!!  It’s so perfect outside on our deck today.

I was so glad for yesterday.  I asked my grandparents if they would like to go out on the boat with me and they said yes.  It was surprising because I haven’t been able to do much with them for many years.  They have never been on a pontoon so it was a great experience to be on the St Croix River together. My grandma was in the nursing home for a while because she was having seizures. She was anxious to do this with me and had fun.

My grandma's first time on the river

This poem came to me yesterday when I was on  the river. I dedicated this poem to “Let’s Go Fishing”.  It’s a wonderful group that takes people who are elderly or have a disability out in a boat.  They have been so lovely to be around.  This is my thanks to them.

 My St Croix River


It soothes and softens the hardness of life

lulling the trying images that run through our lives

into a resting place


It gives peace in place of unrest

giving joy to its passengers floating ever so safely on its surface

encouraging boldness where there was fear,

noting a lifetime of caution


It’s the perfect prescription.

no side effects noted, no complications observed

no bad habits formed

only moments that are perfect in its comforting presence


Thank you for being my new friend,

hearing my pleas for comfort and restored strength

understanding my need before I was aware of it


Sept 9th 2011

This swing bridge is in the river.




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