Mulberry Poets

I wrote a poem last week that I shared with my poetry group yesterday.  They are so encouraging to me. I love being in that group because they treat me like one of them.  I am not pitied, but I feel respected and perfectly normal.  I haven’t had many experiences like that in my life, because I am often looked on as someone who needs lots of help. Not very often as someone part of a normal group of people.

Imagine This-A Place Called Love

 In Quiet Moments I imagine a world where kindness is typical 

Where thoughtful conversations guide decisions

where people who live in shadows come into the light and are beautiful

In quiet moments I hear the children, loved and noticed

putting their touch on their world

playing children’s games, unaware of darkness

Imagine if the children who could see no dark, 

had friends who lived in the shadows…

September 4th, 2011


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