Communication is For Everyone

This is the second time Amy and Elizabeth have ever facilitated together. It worked great!

Communication is one of the things I never stop thinking about.  Yesterday Elizabeth came again and we had another wonderful time together.  I asked her caregiver to assist my typing again and it worked great again.  It worked well for Amy and Elizabeth too.  I wanted to share this because people have been asking me again about how I learned to type and communicate my thoughts.  It is something I have written about in How I Communicate.  You can find it at the top of my blog.

This is the second time Kristen and I had ever facilitated together. I love doing that with new people.

When Elizabeth went home, Amy, Mom and I decided to write some more about the details of learning to facilitate typing with me.  It was amazing how much information we had when we talked about it together.  I wrote a lot of it and they added their information.  We are planning on using it to teach my caregivers and friends how to  assist me in communicating better.   

We want to have more people use my keyboard.  It will help me so much and give my Mom a break.  I know after having Kristen be able to do it really easily that it’s not impossible for others to learn it.  But it’s been hard to describe how to do it.  I think the information will help a lot.  We will be making a video too.

This is a poem I wrote today for my Mulberry Poets Group that meets on Thursdays.  

 Thoughts In My Head

Talk is cheap they say

It comes so easily off the tongue

It rolls around mouths and exits into people’s ears

forming thoughts in the listening heart


Talk is cheap for those who never think twice 

about making sounds that form words

Words that form other people’s opinions


But for those of us who have no words others can hear,

their thoughts are formed by our appearance

by our lack of words

never seeing beyond the visible 

to hear the hearts who live in silence

who live in bodies that betray their intellect


I say talk is cheap, but thoughts are expensive 

Thoughts formed without questions hurt many.


Karly Wahlin

August 3, 2011


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  1. 1

    Joe Lancaster said,

    Absolutely loved this one Karly, maybe your best one yet. There is an elegance in how you bring something obscure into awareness; to help others become familiar something beyond there view. Without complaint, without criticism, you guide people to understanding. Thank you.

  2. 2

    Carolyn Anderson said,

    Karly, I really appreciate what you had to say in your poem. Your words that you have expressed demonstrate the power behind our thoughts and words and the damage they can cause.

    Are you going to compile your poems that you have written in a book? Like your music, God has blessed you with another beautiful creative outlet that I think many need to see and hear.

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