Horses Bring Me Joy


I love horses!  I have since I was able to meet my first one when I was very little.  I feel their energy.  My Mom and I go to horse shows and I sit real close to the fence so I can see the horses and see how they are doing.  Sometimes horses have even stopped to connect with me.  I always love that, but their riders get concerned.  

Beau and I in his barn

Horses have brought me a lot of joy.  We have great friends who have been so kind to us.  They have a therapeutic riding farm and invite me to come and ride at their farm as a friend.  When I was younger I was in a program and signed up to go every week but as I got older and my energy and health were not consistent, it was harder for me to go every week.  So Bill and Laurie, have been so thoughtful and invite me to come when I am able.  I feel so fortunate and I love their farm.  It feels like heaven to me!  I ride Chester who is a Fox Trotter and a very strong horse.  They also help us by bringing Beau hay throughout the year since we got him six years ago.  Many people have blessed us by offering to help care for him.  I feel so glad that he is near me and we get to see each other outside when it is nice and inside when it’s not.  

Amy and her sister Heidi were my sidewalkers

Laurie is a great friend to us.

My favorite place on earth!

Some great friends of mine.

My heart is content when I am with horses and I feel much peace.  I got to ride this week. I still feel the joy from that. I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I enjoyed my time. 

Beau is very peaceful and calm on days I am not feeling good.

Beau likes unusual things to do like sitting on his exercise balls

Beau likes to sit on the couch. He's practicing it here.

Beau with Gregg in our living room

June 2011

Love, Karly


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    pinkroselady60 said,

    Hi Karly
    I loved your story and all the pictures of Beau. I hope it isn’t raining next week when I come to meet you and Beau. Stay cool this weekend – I hear it is going to be HOT!
    Ann Strom

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