Ms Wheelchair Minnesota is My Friend

Jenni Taylor with her Mom and Charlie

My friend Jenni Taylor was crowned Ms Wheelchair Minnesota last week!   She is going to have opportunities to be an advocate and share concerns and issues that people with disabilities face. I have been thinking about some ideas for her and I thought it might be good to see if any of you have things you would like her to think about when she shares her messages. She will be traveling all over our state and will be competing for the national title. She is very intelligent and is disabled as a result of a car accident that broke her neck. She is a strong, beautiful person who feels honored to now be an advocate to people who have limitations because of a disability. She is so interested in having a voice that can be used for good that she is getting her degree in communication studies. She has many reasons to be angry, but she isn’t. She feels that God can use her life now in ways He couldn’t before.

Thanks Jenni for being my friend and my hero. You deserve this title and I am so happy that you can help many people understand disability better. If you have ideas for Jenni please write them here. (in my comments)

You can become her fan on her Facebook page.

She is an inspiring young person. Her life is only going to get better.
I want to have you go to her blogpage too.

Love, Karly


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    Sharon Walters said,

    Hi, You are a remarkable lady.
    As many people have said you lighten alot of questions we have with our daughters. I have a little girl called Isabella with Atypical Rett Syndrome (CDkL5).
    Can you please guide me as to how you began to communicate. I know my Isabella knows what is going on. Any suggestions would be great.

    Sharon and Isabella age 10 years

    • 2

      spiritdances said,

      Hi Sharon
      I am glad you found my blog. I hope that you have seen the page we created called, How I Communicate. I wrote a while ago about how I learned to read and how I write and type now. I hope that you find the answer for your daughter and I’m so glad that she has you for her Mom, someone who is trying to help her find her own voice. She is fortunate. Thanks for believing in me.
      Love karly

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