In Peace

I have had a great week because I am hearing from others that my story in the Women’s Press has helped them see. I hope that there are changes happening in people’s hearts.

I feel so fortunate to have people around me who encourage me and believe in me.  It’s not possible to have a voice if we are living in silent bodies and no one believes that we are just stuck in here.  I have had help everyday of my life and will continue to need that while I am here on earth.  But if I don’t have opportunities to be with typical people I feel like I won’t have a way to help change people’s hearts and minds towards those of us who are non-verbal.

I’m excited because I have been invited to join a poetry writing group that meets in our town each week.  They call themselves the Mulberry Poetry group.  I am excited because it is a group of typical adults.  This will be my first time in a writing group for everyone, not just for people who have a disability.  I feel very excited about that.  I asked Mary, who is leading the group, if she would read my story from the Women’s Press today, so when I come next week, it will not be a surprise to them.  I get nervous sometimes in groups who don’t understand me, but I feel ready today to share my poems with a new a group of friends.

I feel peace and I am feeling fortunate today.

I send peace to all my Rett friends.

Sunrise from my room in the morning.

Love, Karly



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  1. 1

    Sandy said,

    I am so glad you are joining this group. Your voice needs to be heard by everyone, not just people with disabilities. You have a beautiful mind and generous heart! I hope you enjoy your group and can’t wait to read the poetry that comes from your experience there!

  2. 2

    Heidi said,

    Sandy…you said it perfectly! I am so happy for you Karly. 🙂

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