Never Give Up

I have not been good the past two weeks, but I am feeling better today so I decided to email the many people who have written to me.  I feel so fortunate today.

My friend Elizabeth, who also has Rett Syndrome, came to my house this week.  We had a great visit.  Her caregiver who uses the keyboard with her, was also here, so we had a great time talking about our lives, together.

Love my time with Elizabeth

She told us how much better she feels now that she started taking GABA.  It has helped her anxiety so much. So my Mom thought it was worth a try.  I had some at breakfast this morning. Only a little bit.  Right after my bath I fell asleep, really sound, for about 20 minutes.  I never do that!!!  If I could stop my anxiety and stressed out breathing, I would be so happy.  It has affected my life so much.

I want to share something really special with you.  One of my friends sent me an email with a story about a man named Paul Smith, who was born with Cerebral Palsy.  He grew up at home and lived much of his life in a nursing home in Oregon.  Here is his story, but the thing that amazed me most was his dedication to creating art.  Here are some of his pictures.  I was so impressed that he could create art on a typewriter!

Created by Paul Smith on a manual typewriter!


Here’s his webpage-

Here is what my friend Bethany sent to me:

“Pictures from a Typewriter”

“He lived at Rose Haven Nursing Home ( Roseburg , OR ) for years.  Paul Smith, the man with extraordinary talent was born in Philadelphia on September 21, 1921 with severe cerebral palsy. Not only had Paul beaten the odds of a life with spastic cerebral palsy, a disability that impeded his speech and mobility but also taught himself to become a master artist as well as a terrific chess player even after being devoid of a formal education as a child.”

“When typing, Paul used his left hand to steady his right one. Since he couldn’t press two keys at the same time, he almost always locked the shift key down and made his pictures using the symbols at the top of the number keys. In other words, his pictures were based on these characters ….. @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) _ . Across seven decades, Paul created hundreds of pictures. He often gave the originals away. Sometimes, but not always, he kept or received a copy for his own records. As his mastery of the typewriter grew, he developed techniques to create shadings, colors, and textures that made his work resemble pencil or charcoal drawings.”

by Paul Smith


by Paul Smith

by Paul Smith

by Paul Smith on his typewriter


“This great man passed away on June 25, 2007, but left behind a collection of his amazing artwork that will be an inspiration for many.”

I hope you never give up either.  I have felt like doing that somedays lately, but I always feel better, eventually.

I wish you peace.

Love, Karly


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