Hearing From Others

This tree is outside our living room window

This tree is outside our living room window

Winter in Minnesota

I have had an awesome week!  I heard from some of my best friends.  I got emails and cards and phone calls from people who I love and don’t often see.  I even Skypped with Leah and my family on Christmas day. We can see each other really good and I love that.  I won’t be able to go to her house because it is too far away, and I can’t travel very far without getting exhausted.  So I am glad I can see her on my computer.

I wanted to tell you that people who are non-verbal like I am rely so much on others to stay connected with us.  It seems like an obvious thing but I think other people underestimate how much much their attempts at communicating with those of us who are non-verbal, mean to us.  I am not able to pick up the phone and call and if my friends call me I can’t talk back.  I think that makes some people very uncomfortable.  But I want to have you know that any effort made to be in contact by mail, phone calls or a visit mean so much to me and I know to many of my friends in this world who are unable to talk.  We don’t care what you say but how you say it matters.  I hear people talk to those who are non-verbal like they are infants.  When that happens to me I am so frustrated.  What harm can come from assuming people who are not talking understand everything you are saying? I can’t think of anyone that would be offended or hurt by that.  Assume intelligence, it always gives honor and respect.

I was so happy that my friend and CD producer Barbara came to visit me yesterday.  We had a great comfortable time together and I enjoy hearing from her so much.  I was interested in her stories from this past year.  I love how she helped change my life by making my music ready for others to hear.

Barbara McAfee helped my voice be heard.

My friend Bethany who lives in Utah sent me a long email helping me understand what she is doing now.  I feel so much love in my heart for her.

It has been a beautiful end to this very wonderful and difficult year, to have so much kindness in my life.  My neighbors Sandy and Missy have blessed me so much because they believe in me and they talk to me like I am capable.  I hear from them about how much I help them understand and I feel so happy.

Love, Karly

Beau likes to eat the grass around this tree in the summer




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    cam parker said,

    Hello. I really enjoyed reading this post. It’s a great reminder for me as I spend a lot of my time working with individuals who are unable to communicate or communicate very little. I also liked what you said about how much it means to you when others make an effort to speak even if you aren’t able to reply. One of the ladies I work with can’t respond in a way that I can understand and I wasnt sure if she liked it when I made an effort to speak to her or not. I thought it may have just frustrated her because I know she understands everything I am saying, she just has a hard time replying. Now I know. Thanks Karly! I really appreciate your humble service to the Lord.

    • 2

      spiritdances said,

      I was so glad to see your comment Cam. I’m so honored also that you heard my heart. It is so awkward to be around people who are silent if they know I understand them. It’s confusing sometimes why people are quiet if they know I am intelligent, just unable to respond verbally. I think most people would like to be talked to. I have had caregivers who think that means talking non-stop…that’s just crazy! But talking to me like I am also in the room makes me feel respected.
      Thanks Again
      Your friend, Karly

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