Christmas Love

Our tree is so beautiful. I often stand by it in my stander and listen to my books on cd.

I was praying one morning and I asked God who He knew that I could help.  I thought He would put someone in my mind I knew who needed encouragement or a visit.  I was surprised that He put a lot of people in my mind who needed my help. I realized that I have ways I can support others.  I am not just someone who needs help, but also someone who can give help.

I have lived with my Mom all my life. She has always been kind and generous to others.  I saw how that affected people, so when I asked God what I could do, my Mom was very pleased to help me.  We talked about some people in this world who have so little, and are so lost and without hope.

This year I decided for Christmas to help them because God opened my eyes.  I want them to stay open.  I know we have a lot of food.  We have friends and neighbors who have little, so we decided to bring food to a food shelf as a family.

I live in a country where I have good medical care if I need it.  There are people with disabilities all over the world who have nothing and are mistreated, or treated like they don’t have value.

My Mom and I heard of a group that is helping children who are born with cleft lip and palates. It’s Operation Smile.  These children look great after their surgery and they have such grateful parents.  They have a chance to be normal with a simple surgery. They need our help to do that.  Gregg, Mom and I are going to donate to Operation Smile this year for Christmas.

I was surprised yesterday by our friends Dave and Margie who felt God told them to give me a gift of money.  I was shocked because they had $100.00 in the card.   They are not wealthy.  I knew right away that Operation Smile would be blessed by this gift and I feel so good to give it to them.

I hope you will think of someone who needs your love and support today.

We have a lot of blessings.  Everyone can help someone.

With much love,


Scarlett kneads Beau's neck. She has been on his back a lot this week.



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