Big Snow

It has been a winter of lots of snowstorms!  We  had over 20” of snow and lots of wind this past weekend, so it is piled very deep on our patio and on our deck.

Our deck after it snowed on Saturday

Our deck has lots of flowers in the summer. This is how it looks today.

Scarlett watching the bird feeder in the summer on our deck


Beau, my horse, is not able to walk around because it is too deep for him.  He usually loves to roll in snow.  It is so deep he can’t touch the ground with his feet.

In the summer I stand on the patio in my stander a lot.  I love it out there but it is buried now.  Here are some pictures.

My friend Heidi is traveling in Africa. This was her last day with me last March

During the storm this past Saturday

This is how it looks today.

I think the snow is very beautiful but it’s hard on me to not be able to go outside for many months.   My wheelchair gets stuck in the snow.  I can’t stay warm because I chew on my bandanas and they freeze before we can get inside.  I love being outdoors, but Minnesota isn’t good for me in the winter.

This is the flowerpot I gave my Mom for Mother's Day.

This is the flowerpot now

Love, Karly


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