Giving To Others

One of my favorite places, by a lake near our home.


I am so excited to share something today.  Yesterday, my Mom, Gregg and our friend Emily, were talking about Christmas and gifts and how stressful it is to get something  just right for everyone.  We also talked about how we don’t need anything, and how blessed we are.

When my sister Leah called from Ohio, we discussed instead of gifts, giving money to others who are in great need.  We made a list of places that help animals, people who are hungry, people who need clean water to drink, people who help children in parts of the world where they are born with deformities, and can’t get help. We decided this year, to start giving money to some of these groups instead of gifts to each other.  I feel so happy about it because I love helping people.  I imagine that many other Rett girls feel like I do, we are often seen as people in great need and get so much from others, but we rarely are given the chance to help someone else.  I feel so happy to not be the one in the greatest need. I have all the clothes I need.  I have a nice home.  I have food.  I have all the warmth I need.  I have a van that works great, so I can go places easily.  I am safe.  Our family is healthy.  I have the therapies I need.

We live in a place where I can see the sunrise from my bedroom window. I am always up for it! Sept 2010


I know that everyone is not so fortunate.  I am content.  I am eager to see what we can do as a family to give love and help to others. This is my Christmas wish.

Our pastor is giving us messages that give us another way to look at Christmas.  I love this message (Celebrating a Subversive King) If you want to hear his message, this is where you go:

Love, Karly

Beau's favorite kitty is Scarlett. They love being together.



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    Sandy said,

    You are amazing! Your generosity is inspiring!

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