I Can Hear Just Fine

Something happened today that made me feel invisible.  Sometimes I want to be invisible and unnoticed for being different.  But this was in the Bible Study group for women.  I’ve been going with my Mom.  I have worked hard on the workbook.  I have contributed my answers by having my Mom read them out loud during our group time.  I have shared my story with them so they know a little about me.

I was introduced to others today who are very kind to me and I am so glad, but at the end of the group time today one of the women said something nice about my answers and told my Mom to tell me what she had just said.  I was sitting there right beside my Mom.  It’s not something she realized but it made me feel very funny inside.  I couldn’t tell her anything with my mouth.  I couldn’t walk over to her, but it was a moment that made me feel sad inside.

I know I am not the only person who has a disability who feels like others are uninformed about how to be around us.  It’s hard to be heard when we don’t speak, but I want to say something that I have said before.  Being silent does NOT mean we are ignorant. It means our voices are quiet, not our minds.  I can hear everything that is happening in a room.  I don’t need people to talk loud.  I can hear just fine.

Love, Karly


It's been a fun summer with Beau. He likes to sit on his exercise ball.




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