The Gift of Belief

It is a beautiful morning here.

In this month I have a number of things I will be doing.  One of them is finding out about Facebook and seeing how I can hook my Facebook and blog together.  My friend Danielle is going to give us some information that might help us decide how to do it.  I have a speaking opportunity this month that is a fund raiser for Arc Minnesota.  They advocate for people with disabilities in our state and were very helpful to my family when I was younger.  I was asked to be the speaker for the women’s golf tournament.  I’m so happy to share a message for the Arc fund raiser because they were so helpful to me when I was in school.

My opportunities in school as a young girl still make my heart sad to think about.  So little was understood about me and who I was, so the opportunities for education were limited throughout my school years.  But what was worse were the meaningless goals that were given to me for many years in a row.  I still can’t accomplish many of those goals, and it’s not because I’m lacking intellect, but because my body doesn’t cooperate with my will!  I hope that other girls with Rett Syndrome who are young and in school now, are given opportunities for education and not assumed to lack intelligence.  If we are only given childish goals we will not be able to demonstrate we are capable of so much more.

I don’t get it when I hear that kids who are not considered disabled are given challenges that make them work hard, but those of us with many physical limitations are given things that babies could accomplish.  If girls with Rett had people who gave them things to learn that make their minds think, when the day comes that they find a way to communicate they are far ahead of girls who were entertained with musical toys.  I speak from my life because that is what happened to me in school.  My Mom never believed it but the teachers felt their expertise was the best determination of who I was.

I am so glad for Arc and the advocates who came to the meetings with my parents to help me have a better time in school.  It wasn’t perfect but I ended up with a new school and an awesome teacher who believed in me.  That happened when I was 14.

I’m going to write my message today for my talk in September.  It is a great thing to do, to encourage others to speak up for those of us who are not yet heard.  It’s not hard for those of you who have a voice others can hear with their ears.

Thanks for all the ways you have helped my silent friends.

love, Karly

The last time Leah was home she helped me buy my new computer. She and Aaren helped set it up.


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    Kelly Butler said,

    Thank tou for another encouraging post! My little Brooklyn started Kindergarten this year and so far we are off to a good start, we try to always surround her with people who believe in her like I do. I know she is a little smartie pants. Once the teachers and aides learn how to communicate with her and “read” her eyes, they will know too – plus we are beginning to work on a Dynavox…..I hope this is an amazing year for her!!!

  2. 2

    Jennifer said,

    Hi Karly, Your blog touches my heart in so many, many ways. What a sweet blessing you are! 🙂 I love how hard you work to communicate yourself to all of us. And how you give voice to all that is inside of you. You are a precious, precious gift from God, and I am so thrilled that He put people in your life who believe that as well! 🙂 So that you CAN get your heart and your music out. So you CAN give glory to God. And so this world can see you as such a sweet, beautiful woman–who loves God and is loved by God. Thank you–I love, love, love to read your blog! It brings such joy to my heart! 🙂

  3. 3

    Heidi Melquist said,

    Karly, I just got caught up on your blog, including your camp posts. I´m so happy that everything went well for you and am so glad that you shared so much of your experience on your blog. Your final talk was so wonderful and really inspired me today. I miss you and your family and pray for you often.
    Love you lots,

  4. 4

    Lilly Green said,

    I jsut finished listening to Greg Boyd’s sermon on Youtube where he read one of your blogs. I really enjoyed what you had to say and how you said it. I live in CA and hope to read some more of your stuff here. Blessings!

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