Heaven on Earth

I have had a wonderful day remembering this past week.  I wish that the days we have at camp were here more than once each year.  I have so much contentment there.

Normal is overrated

It’s something that many people never think about; what it would be like if you were not noticed for having something of great value to share with others.  If your contributions to this world were seen as minimal.  If you were noticed for having a bandana that you can’t stop chewing.  If you needed help to eat your food at times, and when you did it was all over your chin.  When I am with my family and when I am at camp, these things are so far away.  They still happen but they are not the only thing people see.

Ashley is so kind to me

Deb is such a great friend.

Emily is not excited about having her picture taken. This is her foot!

This year I feel so fortunate for all the amazing things that God has given me to do.  I feel so blessed, but I can say that being around others at camp who love and serve those of us with high needs has made my heart so glad.  I want to have more of that than one week each year.  I want everyone to see people with disabilities as valuable humans on this earth.  That we have compassionate, understanding hearts, that we are spiritual in ways that the typical people aren’t.  That we have gifts to offer just like all people do.  I think this world would be more loving if there were more people like the ones I spend time with at camp.

Mitzie and Audrey on the hayride

On the last day of camp we were sharing where we learned, what we learned and how we see how we can contribute.  My friend Mitzie said that the best friends are the ones with disabilities.  They are the most real and grateful. I long for heaven on earth.  I hope I can share that with others.

Our last session together

Love, Karly


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