Voting and Camp

My Mom went into the booth with me and filled out my ballot. I told her who I wanted to vote for at home.

After we voted.

I was feeling great on Tuesday when it was a day to vote for the primary election.  It was something I had never voted for before, so when my Mom asked me if I wanted to go, I said yes!  It was fun because we vote out in the country in an old building.  I think they were confused by the young woman who came and voted and cannot sign her own name.  My Mom was patient with them, because I am a registered voter, but they still looked silly with their weird looks.  We asked them if we could take some picture, because the sign says “no cameras”, but they allowed it.  Here are a couple of photos taken by Emily.  I didn’t know most of the people on the ballot, but I knew who I wanted to vote for.

Ashley helped us get used to my new computer. Here we are preparing for my camp talks.

I have been very busy getting my talks ready for camp this week, because we are leaving on Monday for Iowa.  I am feeling good, but I wasn’t for many days, so when I do feel well, I have a lot to do.  I am tired.  I want to feel alert when I’m at camp, but I always get tired when I travel.  I am the chapel speaker for the adults at camp who are intelligent and understand what is being shared.  It’s my second year to do this and it has taken me many months of writing and talking and changing things with my mom and Gregg helping.   I’m going to have more time for people to talk this year because for many of us living with high physical needs, we often don’t have friends who sit and just listen to us.  We have people who care for us, but not people who just visit with about the things that really matter in our hearts.  It was the best part of camp last year when we just sat and visited about our lives and our dreams and frustrations.  So this year will be better for all of us.  I have many friends at camp.  It’s a loving place to be.

Our friend Dave came to pick up my stander and walker so I could have it at camp. Gregg helped get it them in the trailer.

Here are some of my thoughts that I will be sharing the first day.

God gives freedom.  It’s people who often take it from us.  We need to depend on God.  We can be useful to God even when the world sees us as useless.  In fact, I think we are better used by God through our struggles than we are in our perfection.  When we know it’s only God who could have done what we just experienced or witnessed, we are so blessed.

I will share more later.

Love, Karly


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  1. 1

    Sandy said,

    I am so excited for you to go to camp again this year. I am envious of all the folks who will get to hear what you have to say…..I wish the whole world could hear it!! Have fun and may God grant you all the energy you will need this week!
    Love You, Have a safe trip!!! Do not worry about Beau, we will take good care of him and his furry little friends!

  2. 2

    Liz said,

    Congrats on voting in your first primary! Love hearing your day to day adventures and successes, can’t wait to see you on Saturday. Lots of love, Lizzy

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