Leah Was Home

 It has been a great week.  There were many great times with Leah, and I feel content.  


It's just the beginning of Artworks!

 Last Sunday was the Lumberjack Days parade, and our group Artworks!, was in the parade.  With many people helping,  we created many beautiful and colorful things to have in the parade.  It was fun helping to create it, but I wasn’t feeling good enough to be in the parade.  Leah and Atyana were in it though and they had a lot of fun with my Mom and Gregg and our other friends. 


My friend Mike is an artist and loves to paint. Danielle is so awesome. She is fun and kind to all of us.

Gregg helped create a liftbridge. Danielle attached my poem, I See These Things with My Own Eyes, to the side of the bridge. Many people helped.

Ashley and I worked together on the water banner that Leah and Atyana carried in the parade.

Kristin and Mike are great friends. They helped a lot

The theme for our floats was the river. We made fish hats.

Kristin in the parade with our biggest fish!

My friend Mike was in one of the wheelchair boats. Gregg helped lift the bridge and Mike's float passed under it during the parade.

On Monday during the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) celebration in Minneapolis we heard Amy Klobachar, our state senator, and a comedian named Josh Blu who has cerebral palsy. He was on a show called Last Comic Standing, so many people know him.  He was very funny.  Amy, my mom, Leah and me were at the event.  My music was played during the lunch. 

Amy Klobachar was so inspiring

Amy me and Leah at the 20th anniversary for ADA celebration

Josh was very funny and didn't hide his disability

Yesterday, Leah, Aaren, Atyana and Amy went with me to the Apple store and bought a new computer for me.  My computer that I have been using is 10 years old, so it was having a lot of problems.  I am so excited about my new computer.  It was fun to check it out with all of them.  My mom and I are going to get used to the new computer.  It’s new for my mom too, but I think it will really help us in my writing and pictures and things. 

Love, Karly



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  1. 1

    Bethany Crossley said,

    Karly, what a wonderful movement to be a part of! I love the lift bridge, all the fish hats, and the boat float. I think that is wonderful that so much awareness for inclusion and the arts and understanding/compassion is happening! You are a pioneer!

  2. 2

    melanie said,

    Hey Karly,
    I just have to write you to tell you that you have opened my eyes. I live in Germany and work for a company that provides wheelchairs and so many other items that help disabled people in their life and so far I haven’t really had any contact with someone who has been diagnosed with autism, but seeing what you can do is so amazing. I am so moved and so happy to know, that you found a way to break out of your shell and get to communicate. I wish you all the best and the next time I meet one of our customers I know, that there is so much more behind their facade than I am able to see. Thank you! ❤

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