A Hot and Muggy Day

I am so happy this week.  It’s not comfortable outside.  There are tornadoes in our state today, but it’s very nice indoors and I am eager to write. I have many things to finish for my camp talks.  Gregg is helping me decide where to put my writings.  I have written a lot, and he helps me decide where the best place for them is.  I have songs for each day and we have DVD’s from Nick Vujicic to share with the guests at camp.

I was so inspired by Nick.  His story is so wonderful because he didn’t let his physical limitations affect how he views himself.  He gives so many people hope and courage.  There are many reasons for him to hide because he has no arms or legs, but he doesn’t hide, he lives in front of people.  He doesn’t feel afraid of their eyes watching him.  He loves.  He loves so much he travels all over the world giving his message.  It’s a lovely message because he shares God’s love with others.  I feel so good to hear his story and his honesty about the struggles he has had in his life. If I didn’t know how hard his life was before he accepted his limitations as part of his gift to the world, I wouldn’t appreciate his story very much.  I know that girls with Rett Syndrome struggle with many things.  If we only focus on our struggles, our lives become very limited.  If I have a good day I do everything I can to do things that help others and give me peace.  One of those things was going to the lake yesterday.  They have a wheelchair at the lake that can roll across the sand and go into the water.  When I was little and weighed so much less than I do now, it was easy to go to the lake because I could be carried into the water.  But now, my wheelchair won’t go into the sand.  It stops immediately when it comes to sand. So the beach chair is perfect because I can get wheeled into the water, and I feel so much more comfortable than being carried.  The beach is not far from our house and the lifeguards are so nice there.  It’s so calming to me to be in the water.  I don’t hold my breath or hyperventilate. I feel so content there.  We were hoping to go today but with the storms and tornadoes we can’t be outside.  We are hoping to go again this week.

Love, Karly


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  1. 1

    Mayiabritt said,

    Dear karly
    Reading your blog makes me so happy. I have a daughter who’s 3 years old with rett syndrome.
    She is so challenged by the syndrome but clever as not imaginable. She Can read and dó math. I love her dearly and hope to be able to lift some of her challenges of off her shoulders. I Will continue to read your blog, ’cause you inspire me

  2. 2

    Karly, do you remember when Charlotte and Finn were little and we went to the beach with you? Charlotte vividly remembers riding in your “cool” van and then pushing you around in your beach chair. She remembers the big fat tires. I’m glad you can still enjoy the lake with your dune buggy beach chair. Keep cool.

  3. 3

    Bethany Crossley said,

    I do love listening to Nick! He is inspiring with how optimistic and courageous he is. You are courageous too! I miss you AND tornado weather!

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