Preparing for an Event

I have been writing today for an event that is coming up on May 22nd.  I have been asked to be the speaker for an annual meeting for ARC.  I am excited about it.  My message is short, but I hope that it helps people see people who live with visible disabilities in a new way.  I feel so honored to be asked.  It is inspiring to me to know I can help others.

I am finishing my talk with this poem that I wrote.

 I Am the Flower

 I am the flower coming into bloom

 I am a tree,

Planted on a hill

I stand in spite of storms

Strong and free.

 I am a fire

Warming the hearts and souls of many,

I give comfort in a world of cold stares.


November 2009

I have been very tired this week because I had a bunch of seizures to recover from, but I feel great today. 

Here is a picture my Mom took of my horse and his favorite kitty, Scarlett.  She rides him in the mornings.  They love each other. It’s fun to watch her play with him.

Scarlett riding Beau

 Love, Karly


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    Kim said,

    Lovely Karly.. just lovely… I’d go even further and say that you are the SEED!
    have you seen the video tara and bella

    your photo reminds me of this magical story we can all learn from.

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