In A Great Time

This past weekend we had a great thing happen.  There are some people in our town who have been talking about how we can make our community a better place for people who live with a disability. 

My Mom and I at the art exhibit in April for adults with disabilities

My mom was in Ohio visiting my sister a couple years ago, and heard about a great program in Athens, Ohio called Passionworks.  She brought the DVD home and we were so excited about what this group of adults with disabilities was able to create with other artists helping them.  They have been so successful, that they are now helping other communities all over the world set up an arts program for their people.

I was at part of the meetings this weekend.  My friend Mike was also there.  We heard some things we are so excited about.  There are many artists and writers in Stillwater, so we are starting our own program here!  It is so wonderful to have people who believe in adults with disabilities having talents as artists.  With others helping us, even those of us who live with great physical challenges, can create beauty.  We are not so limited that we cannot create.  I heard from Patty Mitchell and Susan Dhlouhy about how we can do it here.  There is so much excitement.  I can hardly wait for what is about to happen! 

We learn together.  We learn from each other.  Adults with disabilities can be leaders with other adults who are typical in our communities. I know that many adults like me are not given a chance to show others who we are.  But I feel so grateful today that I live with many friends around me who believe in me and see that I am able, just like them.  I love what can happen when good people help each other.  I do what I do mostly because my mom sacrifices so much of her time to help me.  But I feel really excited because there are others who know that with a group helping each other great things can happen. 

 Love, Karly


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