I am on TV

I am eager to share with you that my story was on the TV this week. I have had so many emails and messages from people all over the world. It has been a wonderful experience. I hope you enjoy the story. I feel like Maury did a great job of sharing my life with others.
Love, Karly

Karly Wahlin Finds Her Voice Through Music
Click to see me on TV


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    Lisa Jenkins said,

    I loved the interview! It was wonderful to see you and hear your words and music. You have accomplished so much, and God is using you in such a special way. My thoughts and prayers are with you…praying that you will be able to relax and enjoy this amazing time of accomplishment and recognition. šŸ™‚

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    Brescia Terra said,

    Hello Karly,
    I just saw a piece about you on the internet. I am from Brazil and my niece has Rett. She was diagnosed when she was almost two (she is 11 now), and she struggles every day to try to live a comfortable life in her own body.
    In the video I saw your walker and also the technique that you use to communicate with a keyboard.
    Could you share more about that with me? You would be helping a little girl that goes through a battle a day.
    Best of all to you

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      spiritdances said,

      I am so glad you found my story. I am amazed at how far away it has gone so quickly. I hope your niece is having a good day today. I have so many days that I struggle, but being able to communicate has changed my life. I was 10 when we discovered how can I use my keyboard. I have written a lot about it on a page I call, How I Communicate. I also have a page you can go to that I write about my life with Rett Syndrome called, My Rett Body. They can be found on the top of my blogpage. I send you love.

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    Heidi said,

    Karly, I am so happy for you and glad you are pleased with how your story was portrayed. I think it is beautiful. Thinking of you often and praying for you…


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