New Occupational Therapist

I love this picture of the flowers on our deck last summer. It reminds me to be hopeful.

It has been a difficult time for my breatholding and hyperventilating.  I am frustrated. My Mom is frustrated and it’s difficult to live with. 

I have been aware that I haven’t known how to handle so many people who are interested in me.  Most of the time when people ask me questions, I can respond in writing through email or my blog, so to have people ask me questions and take time to talk with me is brand new.  It’s not something that I’ve ever had before.  What I didn’t know was how I would feel if that happened.  I always wanted it to.  I always felt so overwhelmed being ignored in a group, but to have people wake up and notice me now is wonderful and overwhelming.  I wasn’t aware that I would feel this way. 

It was this morning that I had an appointment with a new occupational therapist.  My Mom and I heard about her through my friend Elizabeth who also has Rett Syndrome.  Elizabeth has been finding help by some things the OT has given her to do.  It’s called a listening program.  I’ll be listening to certain tapes twice each day with headphones.  It’s supposed to help me calm down.  I would love to be more calm!  I wasn’t aware that stress could cause so many reactions in our bodies.  I am glad we met her and I hope that it will help me. 

My friend Kim from Toronto also sent me some information about a program she teaches which helps peoples heartbeat slow down when they are stressed, to the beat of music that is the tempo for a normal heart.  I need to get a stethoscope for that.  I have a hard time keeping things in my ears, so I’m not sure how it will work, but I am sure going to try.

I am feeling very fortunate about the great things that are happening in my life.  Even my producer Barbara was telling me that she needs time to adjust to things, even good things are a change.  This time has changed my life, because I went from invisible to the light of day.

 I send peace to this world today.

Love, Karly


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