Getting Comfortable Being Seen

I like this photo. It's a relaxed day.

I have had a tough week.  I am celebrating and so, so happy, and I am also very unused to being seen.  I have not changed, but what has changed is how people are responding to me. I didn’t know what that would feel like.  I didn’t think it would feel hard, but I started to get very stressed last week.  My Mom, Gregg and I have talked a lot about the changes in our lives.  We did not want to be become a public family, but we wanted to have people respect those of us who live with great difficulties.  I have a hard time explaining just how unusual it is to be the same person, but to have people see me as some kind of expert now.  They have all kinds of questions, and when I get pressured in a group I feel overwhelmed.  I have had to take more time for myself in my room to relax.  It’s been a different experience and one that I know I have been led to by God.  I won’t get left alone by God, so I don’t need to worry, but I wanted to share that it’s been very challenging to have a life that became visible very quickly.

My story might be on TV this week too.  If it gets shown I will have my Mom put a link on my blogpage.  I feel grateful today because I have a voice, and I am being heard.  I hope that for those of my friends who are not yet able to communicate that I share your story as well as mine.  I feel honored by the people who are interested in hearing more.  I am finding ways to do that through my writing. I also have asked my parents to speak for me in some situations.  I feel fortunate today.

Love, Karly

leah and I have always loved our pianos. Here I am 1 1/2, and Leah is 4


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    Leah Joy said,

    I love that picture of us, Karly! I know you can meet these challenges and I love that you do everything you do with the right spirit and for the right reasons.

  2. 2

    Latrice said,

    Dear Karly,

    I don’t know what to say! You have really blessed my life today. I also believe in God. I also believe in what you are doing. Keep up the good work! I am going to purchase your CD because I really love the music!


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