My Days of Waiting

In the barn with Beau last summer.

I am excited this morning because I saw the cover of my CD yesterday. We worked on it with Barbara after the person who designed it sent us a copy. I can see it now! It is so beautiful. There are a lot of things to share so there is a lot of writing on it, but it is turning out great. I am amazed that it is so close to being done. They said when I give the final ok, it will take about 10 days for my CD to be ready. It’s so beautiful! I feel so fortunate that people who have helped me get my songs recorded are wonderful. They are so eager to be part of this miracle with me.

I have never thought that in this lifetime that I would be free. Free to express myself so others can hear me. Free to be seen as someone who is intelligent. Free to be seen as a valuable part of this world. It has happened! It has happened because many people have given me the chance to be heard. I am so excited that Barbara McAfee is the woman who said yes to producing my CD. She has honored me so much by her kindness and willing heart. I will be meeting with her, my Mom and Peter Mayer in a couple of weeks. He is a musician who has recorded a lot of music and is interested in visiting with us about how he does it. It’s an exciting and exhausting time for me.

I heard from a mom who has a daughter with Rett syndrome. She works with Deepak Chopra. They are interested in what I have to say. She has some great ideas about writing. I don’t know how it will happen yet, but I am learning more and we are asking lots of questions. It is another way that I feel God has blessed me. I don’t believe it myself yet, that I am helping others. I am helping them see that all humans were created equal. That we all have value, that we can be peaceful with each other, if we respect that we are all created by God. I don’t have any more intelligence than the next person. I just have an open heart. I can say that of all the girls with Rett Syndrome I know, we are gentle, peaceful, loving people. Maybe that’s the best way.

I send you peace today.


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    Dear Karly,
    I’ve been reading over your blog from the past few weeks. I can’t tell you what a joy it has been to witness your dreams coming true. Even more than that, I am grateful to call you my friend, fellow artist, soul-sister. Getting to know you has changed my own relationship to my music. I cherish it — and the creative process — even more than I did before. Thank you for the open-hearted welcome you extended to me right from the start. And for trusting me with your precious songs. May they go out and do their work in the world. Blessings,

  2. 2

    Lynn Poole said,

    Dear Karly,

    I just watched your story on Fox 9 and I wanted to thank you for your inspiration, music, words and beautiful thoughts. Lady, you rock!! Best wishes for handling the successes you have created for yourself because they are here. I plan on purchasing the CD and also emailing your story to everyone in my email address book.

    Keep moving forward and keep “fighting like a girl”! Oh, and give your mama a great big hug. It is easy to see where you get your passion.

    All my best!

  3. 3

    Courtney Gruber said,

    Dear Karly,

    I dont know if you remember me but I used to come over to your house and play when we were young. I have been so touched and inspired by your story and I want you to know that I am thinking about you. My sister Stephanie says that you come into her salon and get your hair done, which looks beautiful by the way :).

    Love and Blessings

    Courtney Gruber

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