When the Days Are Good

During the photo session I was so relaxed that I curled up in the chair.

I like this one of me. I am calm. It doesn't happen often that I am still.

I have completed my part in getting my CD ready.  I have written all my song descriptions, the information I have selected to put on my CD cover, the photos and the song order are all done.  The mastering is taking place this week, so my CD will be ready to be copied after that.  The cover design will be done soon.

 I feel so fortunate.  I would never have imagined this happening to me.  I don’t forget the days that I spent wondering if my life was worth living.  I remember how it felt to be unnoticed, and undervalued.  I don’t forget how it felt to be isolated in my body because I had no way to communicate my thoughts.  I don’t forget how it felt to not have friends who knew me.  Who knew that I am capable of intelligent conversations. I want to tell my friends who are living those days right now that I understand and I believe in you.  I believe in your ability to be a contributing person to your family, and your school, and your community, your church.  I have been given the opportunity to share my life with the world this past year.  Because of that my life has changed.  I never knew that I would be given a voice in this lifetime.  I am so glad that my story is helping others wake up. 

 I know that this is not me that has made this happen.  I trust God.  He is my best friend.  He knows me.  He knows who I am apart from Rett Syndrome.  He doesn’t see my life as a burden.  My family has given me freedom to be the person I am because of great sacrifice on their part.  I know that I am loved.  I know that I will have an opportunity to help change my world because of my Mom and Gregg’s willingness to give me opportunities.  I am fortunate and I am grateful.

 My sister Leah reads this poem that I wrote, on my CD.

I Am

 In the quiet of my heart I am slow

 I breathe deeply

 I sit quietly

 I think freely

 I do not struggle

 I love deeply

 I contribute

 I participate

 I speak in ways others can hear

 I am more than my body

 I am

 Love, Karly

This photo was taken of me and Leah about 12 years ago.


2 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    Tee said,

    Loving the pictures Karly!

  2. 2

    Missy Millhouse said,

    I love this Karly. I love the poem, your pictures, and how you express yourself.
    I get something out of everything you write and it stays with me.

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