The Week After

I like this one. It doesn't show my movements.

It has been a very wonderful and amazing time for me.  It was a week of many emails and responses to my blog.  It was fun to have Leah here until Sunday.  I love to spend time with her.  She added so much joy to the recording sessions.  To have her read my poems created a voice for me that I love.

 We have a rough copy of the CD and I want to tell you that it sounds exactly as I heard the songs when they came to me over the past ten years.  I composed them for piano because that is the instrument I heard, but to have Leah’s viola playing was perfect.  She added so much richness to the piano parts.  Gregory Theisen gave new life to my songs.  I feel so honored and excited.  We are going today to look at the photos taken by Jeff Dunn.  He was here at our house last Monday and has his photos ready for us to choose.  We will be going back to Wild Sound Studio next Monday to help with the finishing part.  It is a fun time.  I am still perfecting the song descriptions.  I’m struggling with it because I wrote some of the songs years ago and I remember them well, but it’s hard to write a lot of interesting details about them.  It’s easier for the newer songs.  I loved working with Matthew and Gerard at the studio.  They are so gentle. Barbarba McAfee is so thoughtful to me. She has been a true friend.  I feel so glad that she is part of my CD. 

I loved this one of Mom and me. It shows how we spend much of our time. You can't see my keyboard but it's always there!!

This keyboard is my voice. I use it with a few people but the best with my mom and Amy. It has freed my spirit to be able to express my thoughts.


This is the piano we have had in our living room since i was a baby. I love this photo because even though i can't play the notes myself. I have drummed the keys all my life. Jeff felt like this photo was my hands drawing the music out of the keys. I like that image.



My mom took this photo last summer. Jeff changed it to a different color. We love it. It might be on my CD cover because one of my songs is My Pony, My Beau. It is so relaxing for me to spend time with him. I miss the summer days.

3 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    karen bohnert said,

    OMG! OMG! I LOVE the photos! You look so radiant and at peace!

  2. 2

    Pops said,

    These are beautiful Karly. You are surrounded with gifted and loving people, just like yourself.

  3. 3

    Sandy said,

    These photos are beautiful! I am so honored that you let me hear the rough cut of your CD. I cannot wait for the finished product to come out!!

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