My CD is Almost Here

I am sitting quietly today looking at the sun out my living room window.  I have so many great things happening in my life.  I feel so fortunate and yet the past month has been very hard because I am not healthy. It has been difficult because no one seems to have good answers, but I don’t want to focus on that today because I am so excited about what is happening with my CD.  I have had my photo shoot for my CD cover.  I got a new hairstyle.  Leah is coming home tomorrow and we are going to the studio on Thursday and Friday.  I am saving my strength, so I can be there and help make sure everything sounds the way I originally heard it in my head.  So far, I am so happy with the things that are going on.  I feel so fortunate. 

 Here are some photos.

At the hair salon

Brynn was very fast and kind to me.

The Studio was in Wisconsin so we crossed over the Bridge.

Jeff Dunn is very talented. He made me feel so comfortable

I was so content. Jeff asked me questions while he took hundreds of photos.

I saw some of the photos before we left. I liked this one.

Love, Karly


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  1. 1

    Jenni said,


    I hope you are feeling good. The words that you wrote for your CD are so powerful and beautiful. You’re an amazing person! I am so blessed to be your friend and know you. Be strong and know that there are people out there who truly care.

    By the way, good luck with your CD. I like that picture also.


  2. 2

    Sandy said,

    I am so excited for you and your family!! It will be so wonderful to see all your hard work come to fruition! I am anxiously awaiting listening to that cd from start to finish and then over and over again. Your heart and soul are beautiful and strong and I am very proud to call you friend. You inspire me every single day!

  3. 3

    Dena said,

    Hi Karly
    I will be meeting you soon, I am shooting the video with my friend Rima
    in your cd recording session, I hope you are feeling well, now and always
    I look forward to meeting you


    in milwaukee,

  4. 4

    Bethany said,

    Woo woo!! I love this blog! Congratulations my friend~

  5. 5

    Jeff said,


    What a wonderful post. It means so much to me that you felt content while we worked together on your portraits. I has so much fun with you.

    I’ve been thinking about you all today. I hope the recording goes well!!!

    See you next week for sure.

    Your friend,


  6. 6

    I love the one you love, also, Karly!

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