A Most Beautiful Wedding

My Uncle Allen and Kristin were married on Friday.  It was a great event at a beautiful place.  Leah flew home and we had a few days together.  It was so perfect on the day of their wedding.  They are so happy together and our family is happy too.  It was so fun to be there.  I stayed awake for it!  I even got to go to the reception for a while.  It was so perfect.  Kristin was beautiful and Allen was handsome.  Leah practiced my song to perform them for the ceremony.  Kristin walked down the aisle to Allen while Leah played my song For Strength.  It was so fun to hear my song played for their wedding.  I am eager to have my music be used by others. It is so fun to give my songs for others to use.  I had an awesome time with Emily staying in my suite.  Allen and Kristin gave us a beautiful gift of staying at the Lafayette Club.  It was the summer home for President Taft.  Leah read that while we were in our room.  It was a beautiful place.  I was so happy and I loved every minute. 

 Love, Karly

Leah played For Love and For Strength

Gregg was the pastor for their wedding

It was so fun to share this night with my family

My nephew Connor came with Sara

I wanted to stay up for the dance but I was too tired.

Emily is a wonderful friend to me. I love her so much.


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  1. 1

    Sandy said,

    It looks like it was a beautiful wedding and sounds like it was very special for your entire family…I am so glad you were all able to share it together!

  2. 2

    Bethany said,

    Karly, That is such wonderful family news to celebrate! I am glad you could all be together and that you could share your talents and love as a gift, and that everyone could be there to celebrate Allen and Kristin’s new beginning! You guys are all beautiful!

  3. 3

    norma in ND said,

    checked out your website this am , Karly, enjoyed seeing pictures and hearing about your feelings…I loved having Leah come and see me in St Louis..you girls and your family have a very special place in my heart….hope to come and see you some time…love and care , Norma

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