Helping a Girl

I watched the Oprah show yesterday and I was so angry about the stories that were told. It was about girls around the world and how they are treated by other humans. I can’t imagine having their life. If my family lived in another country that treated girls the way some of the girls in this story were treated I would have died a long time ago. My purpose for being on earth would never be lived out. I am sad to think of the torment that so many girls and women live in today on this earth. I have prayed for them every moment since I heard some of their stories yesterday.

Oprah has a lot of information on her webpage for us to help. I don’t have a lot of money so I tried to think of ways that I could help them. I talked with my Mom this morning and she had an idea of ways that I could get some money to donate to them. I have had prints made of my painting, Blackhills Beauty. If I sold them I would give most of the money to the girls who need help. I want to sell them for 25 dollars, and give $15 of it to help others. I have 25 prints for sale. If I sold even 10 of them that would be 150 dollars. Would you be interested in buying one of my prints so I can help them? My email address is:  If you would like one we will send it to you. My Mom is going to help me find a way so it can happen real soon, but if you are interested send me an email and I will keep your information so when we are ready to sell them, I will let you know. If you have a girl or woman in your life today, please be kind to them. We need kind people in this world to do something about the unkindness that is also here and hurting others.

Blackhills Beauty

Love, Karly

Getting Ready to paint with Bethany


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