My CD is Coming Alive!

Barbara, Karen and me at our first meeting together

I am so excited because yesterday I met with Barbara McAfee, my music teacher, my friends Margie and Karen and my parents. Barbara is a musician who speaks at conferences and is a piano player and songwriter.  She has 6 CD’s and says each one of them is a child to her.  She was inspiring.  One of her goals is to help women find their voice.  When she heard about me she was very excited and wants to help my music get shared with the world.  She travels a lot and talks to people everywhere.  Places that I will never go. She grew up in the town where we live and used to spend a lot of time at the library where I love to go and write.  She uses the studio that we went to a few weeks ago for her CD’s.

 I loved the ideas she shared.  One of them was to create a documentary of the recording and a little more of my story, because my strength is often low, and to have to go to events where I am suppose to speak is really hard for me.  I get overwhelmed by large groups and lots of sounds, so she thought that having my documentary might make that easier for me.  She knows a lot of people that she thinks will be very happy to help with this.  So we are moving ahead, and I am so content in my heart.

There is something that I want to share about my music and how I feel about giving it to others to enjoy.  I started composing with my teacher Karen Bohnert nine years ago, because she knew that there was a lot of music in my family. My Mom, my sister and my Dad are all very musical.  I write every note with Karen.  My family is not involved in any part of my composing.  I have titled the songs with my Mom’s help in facilitating, but beyond that they rarely hear my song until it is completed.   Karen has worked so hard to make my songs sound exactly like I heard them when they were given to me by God.  He makes them so sweet and memorable for me that I hold them until it is done composing.  The one we are finishing now has taken over a year. 

I do not share my songs to become famous.  I share them because people are so inspired by them.  My hope is that when people hear what I have composed that they will be inspired to discover what it is that they were created to do on this earth.  I feel that everyone has a special gift that God created in them.  If they don’t share it with others we all lose out.  Everyone has something unique to offer this world.  Mine happens to be music and I feel so great when I can share it.  I will keep everyone informed through my blog about what is happening with my CD’s.  It sounds like we might be able to start recording in January. My sister Leah and I will be together in a couple of weeks.  She will be working on her Viola part for two of the songs.  I love how this is happening and I feel so alive, even when I am struggling like I have been in my body this past week.  I hope all my Rett friends will feel my love when they hear my songs. 

 With great love,


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    that is so exciting!! i want to hear them! and i love your encouraging words about everyone having something unique to offer this world..we all need to hear that! what a gift you have given me by just saying that, Karly! I love you always and forever, aunt Martha

  2. 2

    bethany said,

    Yay Miss Karly! May I have an autographed cd when your new one comes out? :O) I look at your painting all the time and think of our “hanging out” times in MN! Congratulations again and again!

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