My visit with Susan Norwell

Yesterday I got to meet Susan Norwell at my house.  She was so respectful of me.  She works with other girls with Rett Syndrome and also autism, so it was wonderful to see her and be encouraged to keep writing.  She introduced me to the Tango which she thought might help me communicate more easy with others who are not able to type with me.  It was an awesome week this week.  I have had so many wonderful things happen.  It gives me much joy.

My Mom read what was written about Susan from the Rett conference, so I asked her to write it for you.


(This was taken from the Rett Gazette which is the International Rett Syndrome Foundation Newsletter-Summer 2009)

Susan Norwell presented at the IRSF family conference with two colleagues who are all communication experts with a special interest in Rett Syndrome.

…”some of the most encouraging, energizing sessions of the weekend.  Linda Burkhart, Susan Norwell, and Judy Larviere,  a power-house trio of communication experts in the field of Rett Syndrome, took the stage for the next few hours to show us just how possible it is to “capture the light in our girls’ eyes” and empower them with communication tools.  As their advocates, we can take the experts’ information and techniques to our educators, speech therapists, and assistive technology professionals and challenge them to help our girls communicate.  They encouraged us to move beyond testing our girls, and to create an environments that encouarges communication and learning as a process, not a test.”


Love, Karly


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