Happy Birthday Mom


When I came to this earth my Mother was 24 years old.

 I was welcomed into her loving heart. 

There was no sign, no labels, no obvious reasons.

She took time with me. 

She gave me opportunities to develop.

She heard my cries, long and full of pain.

 It is her heart full of valor that believed the best for me;

that didn’t stop at the labels that limited me,

but continues to move slowly through open doors, that ever so slowly changes the minds, hearts and ideas of others.

The world will be different for Rett girls because my Mother believed in me, and in doing so has given hope to my silent friends.

I love you Mom,





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  1. 1

    Sandy said,

    What a beautiful tribute to your Mom. She is a great lady, and your right, her belief in you will make so many things possible for other girls and their famiies living with Rett. People like your Mom are the people who make the impossible possible.
    Love Sandy

  2. 2

    Jenni said,

    Happy very late birthday Lois! I love the poem you wrote for your mom Karly. It was so sweet. You and I have the best moms. To dedicate their lives to taking care of their daughters. Can’t wait to see you Wednesday. It will be my mom’s birthday that day. I’ll have to write something as a tribute to her on my blog.


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