How Acupuncture Helps Me


Me feeling great today

I just returned from my acupuncture appointment. I feel so calm. I’m not hyperventilating and I am not holding my breath. I love how I feel. If I felt this good all the time, I would be so happy.

I have been going to acupuncture appointments weekly for almost a year. It has helped my mind the most. I feel so relaxed most of the time, when I have the needles in me. It helps my thoughts relax. They are often very active and I have a hard time focusing, but after acupuncture, I really slow down. For me, that gives me the chance to feel so content. It feels like I’m in a different body, one that is not struggling with so many movements and breathing issues. I love going to get acupuncture every week. It has changed how I feel.

People ask me how I sit still because I usually am so active, that I rarely sit quietly. I’m always moving. There are times in my acupuncture appointment that I am restless, but usually I am very calm. Sometimes I sit up then lay back down, but I rarely have any breathing issues while I have my needles in. But today I didn’t even sit up for 40 minutes. I didn’t even want to sit up after they got the needles out. Most of the time, I have about 25 needles in. Sometimes they fall out from my movement, but overall I feel so much better afterwards. I am glad we discovered it for me.

When I first started with acupuncture, I was really hurting. My body had so many hot spots, and then freezing cold areas at the same time. I was restless. My stomach was hurting. I couldn’t sleep well. I feel warm most of the time now. Last year my feet could be so cold they were blue. Or one of them would be really cold and the other hot. One of my ears could be freezing and the other one bright red from heat. It was miserable, but that is gone.

I thought this might be helpful to others who are looking for ideas for ways to help their Rett daughters.

Love, Karly


Beau was feeling relaxed today too 🙂

Special Olympics beau

Beau loves to wear hats


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  1. 1

    bethanycrossley said,

    Thank you for sharing! Though I am scared of needles, this perspective has opened my mind to them. I’m glad they have given you relief!

  2. 2

    Sandy said,

    I am glad the acupuncture works for you!! I think if we open our minds, there are many things like that out there than can benefit each of us!! Love’ Beau’s hat. You two look so cute together!!

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