An Adventerous Life

I went to church this morning with my Mom and Gregg and heard a message that inspired me.  It was about having a spirit that is open to God and receptive. It was the way he described being lead by God.  I have written a number of blogs lately that give you a better idea of my spirit.  I focused for a long time on my physical body, because I hope it helps others who love a Rett girl, but now I think sharing my spiritual life is what I’m suppose to do.  I loved the message today, because when I live aware of God, my life is so much more interesting than if I focused on my physical being.  Giving my life to God, has made my days so much better. I don’t believe that most of the great things that have happened this year would have taken place if God was not involved.  I have no authority on my own.  God has given me places to speak, and music to share and people to love. I would never have been able to make any of these things happen on my own, because people who have my level of disability are not seen as someone who has a lot to say and insights into spiritual things, let alone a relationship with God.  I want to say that even though my life is not easy that I feel content and have goals, and as I sit here today on our couch, I feel love.  I don’t need to have a lot of things, but when I listen to God, he encourages me to connect with someone and when I do it, it is so amazing what happens.  

Love, Karly


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    Very interesting! I find that living in a constant consciousness of Him works wonders for the heart and soul. It’s a constant battle to keep our minds elevated, but it’s so so worth it!

    Great thoughts! I think you’ll like my new blog, Jesus Made Easy. Check it out, leave a response with some of your insight if you can!


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    forshalom said,

    amen karly 🙂

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    LuAnn said,

    Hi Karly,

    I have been catching up on all of your reach posts. I am so happy that you have found such great meaning and purpose in your life. You continue to inspire me and so many more. Thank you for sharing your gifts and talents with me.

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