Having a Purpose and Direction

This is a tribute to Eunice Shriver who spent her life giving dignity and purpose to people who have disabilities. To honor how she spent her life thinking of what she could do to make a positive difference in this world, and taught her children and others how to be less selfish and more honoring of others everywhere in this world.  I never knew her, but I respect her vision for her life and what she has left behind that gives many of us hope.

 I have been thinking about something this week that I think will help me and may help others.  It is related to my talks at camp about being created for purpose by God.  If we determine with God what we are to do for our lives and don’t have any direction we can lose the vision he has given us.  I don’t want to lose the vision that I have through getting too busy with the things that make life hectic.  If all I did was the things I need to do everyday to be healthy it would be an unfulfilled life. 

 I have so many activities to keep my body well but I still struggle most days. So if I depended on  those things for meaning in my life I would be very depressed, because no matter what I do I can’t stop the hyperventilating or breath holding or physical pain that I experience in my back and neck everyday. Since I try not to focus only on those things I have a life that I love.  I plan on living it fully while I am here on earth. It is not always easy to push myself, but if I sit around and do nothing, my life is pointless.  I try to get up everyday and pray and ask God what I need to do that day and then I do it.  God knows me better than any human so he won’t ask something of me that is impossible for me to do.  It brings me so much joy to know that even I can be helpful to others.  I don’t need to be useless and just keeping myself occupied. 

 Some of the ways God has directed me is through encouraging others.  Sometimes it’s through my blog, or something that I write for my class, and other times it’s sending an email to a friend who is lonely or isolated.  Sometimes it’s going to visit someone who doesn’t have company, like my Grandpa when he was in the nursing home.  Other times it’s creating a card with a photo of something or someone to surprise them and remind them of something positive in their life.  Sometimes I am inspired to call with my Mom’s help and we put the person on speaker phone so I can hear, and then I am able to type my message and my Mom speaks it out loud.  Yesterday, one of my new friends at camp and I chatted on Facebook for a while.  It was great for both of us, because she uses a keyboard as well, so we were able to communicate that way.  If I give someone one of my paintings it is something I am inspired to do if they would be blessed by having it.  

 If I live with this in mind, my days are meaningful and I have things to do that matter to me, and I hope to others.


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    Dave Spencer said,


    I know I have said it before, but I am going to ay it again and again. My life is better having you in it. I love you tons

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