With Gratitude and Peace

I got home with my Mom and Gregg last night from camp.  I have been trying to find the words to share with you about what it was like for me there.  It is impossible to express how much joy I feel to be honored in that way.  There was so much respect and kindness and love from everyone I met there.  My health was great, I felt good and I slept well while we were gone. 

For those who have a life that is noticed by others for their wit and charm and intelligence, it may be difficult to understand just how amazing my experience this week has been. I am not noticed for any of those things to the average person. My movements, breatholding and chewing bring attention to my disability instead of my heart. I have never had four speaking times together in four days.  Dave and Margie, the camp directors believed in me.  They gave me so much respect. God was evident to everyone there.

I need to give you a word picture to help you understand what it’s like for me. These are some words that express my gratitude to God and all the people who were involved in making it possible for me to present my message.












more tears

tears of joy

open hearts

willing spirit

tender moments



laundry angels


best friends






great joy


I couldn’t have done this without the help of two wonderful, kind and loving young women who went with us to camp. Ashley and Emily were perfect there. They were so thoughtful and excited for me.  We all were blessed so greatly.  If I didn’t have a Mom and step-dad like I do, none of this would be possible.  It is because of them that I had this opportunity to share a message that I was given by God. I am so thankful today for what happened and how God used my story and my life to give hope and inspiration to many people.  It’s not because I’m so amazing, but because I’m willing that this happened. 

I sit here smiling.Love, Karly

My favorite memory

My Favorite Memory-I sat on the deck of my beautiful cabin and communicated with some other adults who live with great physical struggles and depend on devices to communciate


The artist Bill Butler created this painting with the help of every person at camp-he was so loving

The artist Bill Butler created this painting with the help of every person at camp-he was so loving





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  1. 1

    Sandy said,

    Oh Karly,
    My heart is so full of joy for you! Your post brought tears to my eyes. I am so excited that you and your messages are getting out! You have so much love, beauty and wisdom to share. You are a wonderful person and its great to see you living out God’s special plans for you and I am glad that He surrounds you with so many amazing people!

    You go girl!!

    Love Sandy

  2. 2

    bethanycrossley said,

    That is wonderful that you were able to connect with so many people and share the strength of your spirit with theirs’ in building a more compassionate world! Thank you for posting this~ It will be great to hear the rest of your stories from camp!

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