Going to Camp

I am leaving tomorrow morning to go to camp for five days.  My family is coming with me, and two of my caregivers, Ashely and Emily.  I am very honored to have been asked last winter if I would be the chapel speaker for the adults with physical disabilities.  I have four talks ready to go and I have asked my mom to read them for me.  I don’t feel anxious about it, but I am very happy.

The camp directors have been so encouraging and excited to have me come and talk. The theme for the camp is “Molded for a Purpose.” I thought it would be good to share some of my beliefs about how God molds each of us for a purpose.  I shared this with the director last winter.

Love, Karly

God has a purpose for every life.  If we ignore the purpose He has given us, our lives are so much less than they could be.  For those of us who live with great challenges in our bodies and minds, it may be harder to find the purpose God has given to us.  We can get so caught up in anger and sadness and isolation that we don’t give God room to help us figure it out.

 I don’t believe God has created us to have accidents and birth defects, and illnesses.  That is something that has happened because we live on this earth and are not yet in heaven.  There are so many things that are not ideal here on earth, but the great thing is that when we allow God into our challenges we are even more blessed than the average person would be.

 I have a wonderful relationship with God.  He has given me perspective that I doubt I would have if I were a typical person.  One of the things He has created me to do is to share my story and give people hope and insights that only a person living with my disorder can give.  He has given me the gift of music.  I have been able to compose the songs He has put into my mind.  Through great effort, my music teacher and I, bring that music out so others can be inspired.  I hope they are encouraged to follow their hearts passions, by hearing my songs.  Because of God’s place in my heart, I feel great love and compassion for others.  While that may not seem like a gift, it is one of the best things to share with others.  It is simple.  It warms their hearts to love.

 I have never said a word on this earth, other than the sound a cat makes, when I was a baby, but it hasn’t stopped God from working through me.  God is my strength.  He has molded me for His purposes, and I find my best days are the ones I wake up and ask God what He wants me to do that day…and then I do it.


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    Hi Karly,

    I am the mom of a beautiful 4 year old angel. I have been following your blog for a few months now and I want to tell you what a privledge it is to read your words. You have given me so much hope and insight into rett syndrome. I have read a lot of your posts in “my rett body” and it has helped me try to figure out the pain that Annie is in much of the time. This blog post in particular has touched my heart though. Everything you have written is so true and so profound. Thank you for writing! You are going to do great at camp! You will be a great source of encouragement to all that hear you!

  2. 2

    Ruth Rupe said,

    I was at the capm you come and spoke at, I was one of the caregivers, I would like to tell you what a wounderfull person you are, you helped me to know that God is around all of us all the time and those of you with handycaps are very special in all of our lifes, I look at all pepole differtly now and I feel god in with me more then I ever knew thank you fore showing me my ture self. God Bless you all Love Ruth

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