Update About My Silence

I have been silent on my blog lately.  I have been doing a lot of writing for my camp talks in July.  We made the decision to accept the camps offer to have me be their chapel speaker for 4 days.  It is exciting and fun and scary for me.  I have never been in front of people for 90 minutes at a time.  Much of that time will be singing or activities, but the speaking part is mine.  I am so honored by that.  The theme is Molded for a Purpose.  It has given me much to think about.  I believe that every person has a purpose.  Sometimes it takes a long time to figure out what that is, but I also know that EVERY life has value to God.  If we were to just believe what others in this world do, those of us with the inability to speak and care for ourselves, would be takers and not contributors.  I KNOW God doesn’t see us that way.  I know that in the bottom of my heart.

My friend Elizabeth, who has Rett, is coming for a visit next week.  I can’t wait to see her.  I have asked her if she can share some of her flowers with us.  She has created the most beautiful flower gardens at her house, and has said that I can have some of the plants for our house. We are thrilled! I love flowers.  She selects the plants at the nursery, and then decides where they go in the garden.  Her parents say the gardens are amazing.  Elizabeth has a talent for finding unique plants that normally are not seen here.  I have not been able to go into her garden because it’s on a steep hill.  She is able to walk so it’s easier for her. 

I have been so happy that the birds that are here in summer, are returning.  We have some bluebird houses in our yard.  My parents have seen them returning this week and starting to build their nests.  I love summer.  Beau is shedding and getting ready for warmer weather.  

My Mom is at home with me now full time.  It has been a difficult time finding new women and getting them trained.  She is tired. 

It is close to one year since I wrote my first blog.  There have been 26,500 people visit it.  I am so glad for the encouragement most of you have given to me to continue writing.  It has changed my life to have so many people find hope and support for their daughters by reading my blog.  I hope Elizabeth and I can write one together again soon.  I love to hear from you.  It makes my day.  I am eager to write more as I think of things to say.  If you have topics that may be helpful to hear about from my experience, please let me know.

Love, Karly


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    funkyhammer said,

    It’s good to hear your voice again.
    So much exciting things going on for you now….so we will be praying for you and your family. Can’t wait to hear the details after they happen. 🙂
    {cyber hugs}

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