How I Communicate

I have started writing about how I learned to communicate. I will add more as I am able. It is on a new page, called How I Communicate.



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    Suzie said,

    I am blessed to read about your blog. I love a young girl who has Rett Syndrome and you encourage all of us who do.

  2. 2

    Bill Farnum said,

    Hi Karly, it is so great to hear your voice! We have a 4 year old daughter Ella with RTT and we have known deep down inside that she can understand every word. You have really validated many of our hopes and keep us pushing to find a cure…You are a very special person and a link to the outside world for many of your silent sisters.

    Please keep up the good work and feel free to check out what we are trying to do to help at and

    You are so right about believing in you girls. I was reading a story in a magazine about a boy with Autism and he couldn’t speak but could write, and the first thing he wrote was “believe in me”. like you, we have taken that to heart and our house is adorned with that saying in many forms and as you can tell, the website says it all….

    Take care, we truly appreciate all that you do…

    Bill Farnum
    Father to Ella, 4, T158P

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