Three Rett Women

I am so glad to share with you today that Elizabeth and Ali are writing two blogs with me.  Elizabeth and I have been writing our response to what seems like typical experiences for most people, but when experienced by us, it is very different.  We sent our draft to Ali in England, who is so excited because it also what she experiences.  We are in the process of getting all our ideas put together in these two blog entries.  We are all very excited because we discovered that what each of us thought was only our experience, is shared by all three of us.  We are all in our twenties, but we have great memories.  Elizabeth and I remember things that happened when we were one year old.  I haven’t asked Ali but I think we will be writing a blog about that too.

Because there are so many young girls who haven’t found their voices yet,  we may be able to help them by sharing our memories of what we were experiencing.  I have been writing for almost 1o months now, so I have become braver sharing about my life.  It is a new experience for Elizabeth and Ali, so they are being cautious about what they share.  They want it to be accurate and I respect that.  I’m trying to be patient but I am eager because the inf0rmation is new.  It has helped the three of us to talk about this together.  It has given our struggles words.  I hope to have them posted this week.  I am really happy we have found each other. It’s been so good for all of us to know we are not alone and to know that what we are living can be helpful to others.  We don’t feel ready to have our lives exposed but we hope that by sharing parts of our story it will change peoples thinking about Rett. 

I wish Ali could be here with Elizabeth and I.  I am so glad my sister set up my email for me and my friend Sandy, encouraged me to start my own blog.  It has changed my life and I hope the lives of many other Rett friends and families. 

 I am so happy to hear from so many people who have had their minds open to the fact that the Rett girls they know are only silent, not unaware and ignorant.

Love, Karly


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  1. 1

    Sandy said,

    I am so excited that you have found people who can relate to your life experiences. I truly believe that when someone else completely understands what you go through, it somehow lessens the burdens. I hope and pray that you all continue to communicate and strengthen your bonds and together you will all help so many people! Hugs to you and give my little man Beau a kiss for me!!

    Love Sandy

  2. 2

    Bethany Crossley said,

    Yay, I can’t wait to read the unified voices of three powerful women! You give me courage to live my own life better! Thanks Karly!

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