My Writing Process

I thought it might be interesting to share how I write my blog.  It takes three of us to get it done right.  I usually tell my Mom that I have a blog ready to go.  We wait until either Gregg or one of my caregivers is available to write down what I type.  My Mom is my facilitator while I type.  She says my words out loud and they are written down in my notebook exactly as I type them.  Sometimes I type so fast that the person that is writing has a hard time keeping up, so I have to pause.  I title my blog at the beginning of my writing.  When I am done typing, my words are read back to me.  If I need to make changes, I change them at that time.  When I am satisfied with the piece, I then wait while my Mom types my writing into my computer.  When she gets done she reads it back to me and my writing person helps with the computer.  It is at that time that I decide where to put my paragraphs and commas and quotes.  We then decide which categories to post it under on my blogpage and if it should have any extra tags. 

There you are.  It is exactly the way I want to have it by the time you read it.  I try to write in the mornings because that is my best time. I get so tired later in the day, so I try to do it before we get going in the mornings. 

I hope it is warmer where you are today.  It is 18 below zero here.  My horse Beau loves the winter and is bucking and running around between times when he is eating hay.

Love, Karly


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    Sandy said,

    Please thank all of those people who help you reach out to all of us!! I am very grateful that you have so many people around you to help “get the word out” Bless each and everyone of them!!


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