Putting My Thoughts Into Words

This has been a great day.  I have started thinking about writing a book recently.  I was encouraged by a number of people to share my experience living with Rett Syndrome.  I love to write, so putting my ideas into words is easy for me. 

I have been asked a question about how I learned to share my thoughts like a typical person who is verbal.  I have listened to people talk my entire life, so when I finally had the chance to communicate at the age of 9, it was natural for me to imitate the language I had been hearing.  I heard everything spoken around me. I didn’t need to be taught how to form sentences.  I had so many sentences in my head waiting to come out.  If I needed help it was to find a way to get those sentences out of me. 

Back to my book!  On Fridays I have a small class I attend for writers who have a disability.  I was the only student there today, so I asked my teacher Libby how I should go about writing a book.  We spent the next hour coming up with a rough idea of how to form a book.  It is so exciting to me to think that someone like me, who has struggled my entire life to be understood, could have enough to say that I could put it into a book. 

I continue to give a lot of time to just having my physical needs met, so somedays I am too exhausted to write much.  On most days, it brings me great comfort to even find a little time to share my thoughts.  If you have any feedback for me, I am anxious to hear it.

Love, Karly


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    Sandy said,

    I have been thinking for a long time that you should write a book!! You have so much to say that is worth sharing!!! Imagine, if you wrote a book, it could be translated into so many different languages!! You could reach even more people than you have with your blog!!!! I see you writing about your experiences with living with Rett, being non-verbal and having t find ways to communicate, but I also see you writing stories! Your creativity in both music and painting lead me to believe that you mind is very creative and could produce any type of literature that you choose!! You go girl!!! From someone who loves to read I will be anxiously awaiting your first book!!
    Love as always

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    Ashley said,


    It has been clear that you are such an inspiration to those who as well have Rett syndrome, and to those who are blown away with you beautiful heart, and spirit. I have noticed that you have been writing more on your blog page as well so you must be motivated by those lives you’ve touched! I believe writing a book is a fantastic idea. God has given you such strength and lively spirit a book would be another tool for people to be inspired by you. I support you 🙂 and i would love to help in any way, if or when you decide.

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