Art From My Heart

I haven’t shared much about my painting because it’s something new for me.  I haven’t always painted.  I just started last year.  I couldn’t hold a brush so we really worked hard to find a way for me to paint.  I’m not always pleased at what my paintings look like, but I keep trying. 

 I use a brush that is strapped to my right hand.  It has a wooden dowel with a hole for my brush.  I hold onto the dowel.  I can change the brushes if I want to easily…of course with someones help.  I choose the brush and they change it for me.  My hands aren’t able to control my movements, without support, so my friends support my wrist by holding their hand under my wrist.  It allows me to have more control. 

My Dowel

My Dowel

Supporting My Wrist

Supporting My Wrist

I’m excited because I had ideas in my mind for paintings, but I couldn’t make it look right.  My step-dad is an artist, so I asked Gregg if he could coach me, so I could make my painting look like the idea in my head.  I just finished my painting last week.  I’m so happy with it.  Gregg got it framed and I’m going to submit it to an art exhibit.  It will be on display for 1 month in March.  I discovered how much I love sharing my art.  It gives me another voice.  I use acrylic paints as well as watercolors.  The paint is put in an egg carton that doesn’t leak.  I choose the colors I want to use, and the person who is helping me puts a small amount in the carton.  Gregg helped me figure out what I should do first and second.  I used to try and do all the colors on the same day, it didn’t work well.  I have days when I’m only able to paint for five minutes, on other days I can paint much longer.  Sometimes my hands are too fiddly.  Somedays everything goes flying, but on other days I can focus more.   So to have a painting complete and in a frame is a miracle to me. 

The title of my painting is Blackhills Beauty.  I took my first roadtrip with my Mom, Gregg and friend Karen in September of 2008.  We went to the Blackhills in South Dakota.  I will never forget the pictures in my head from that time.  It was a hard trip because it was not easy to get around, but I have such gratitude in my heart for what we accomplished together.  This painting is one of my memories.  I have added snow, because I’m sure the trees are covered with it now. 

Love, Karly

Blackhills Beauty

Blackhills Beauty


4 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    funkyhammer said,

    What an amazing piece….you have sooooo much talent!!!!

  2. 2

    Bethany Crossley said,

    That’s beautiful Karly! I love seeing it in the frame!

  3. 3

    Cher and Mark Schafer said,

    Very nice. Really like the shades and simple elegance of this piece. Gives a very good feeling of the woods for us….our perception. Looking forward to the next one!

  4. 4

    Ashley said,

    Karly that is a beautiful painting!!

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